Kadlec Health System

Celebrating 70 Years


I have been to Kadlec for many years. I grew up down here during the summer and I have suffered with migraines and asthma and the ER doctors are all so nice and caring and make sure you are taken care of before leaving.  Skip ahead couple a years, I moved down and I have a doctor that is in the Kadlec system and she is such a sweetheart.  If you come in with a complaint she is right there to find a way to fix the issue or refer you to another doctor in the system. I just recently had surgery and had to stay overnight. Kadlec is a lot better hospital than some I have been in. The nurses on the 2nd floor were so nice and able to answer any question that my family or I had. I am 100% better with my health and life since getting involved in the Kadlec system.

-R. D.

While excited for our first children to arrive, we had no idea how early that arrival would be. Born at 31 weeks, our twins went straight to NICU.

While we still have a ways to go, the care has been great from the start.

Our doctor, Dr. Sizemore, took excellent care of me - he came in to check on me on his days off even! He took the time to explain everything to me and my questions were always answered. He researched what we needed to know and did a great job of sharing our birth plan with all those involved. After being in the NICU for 4, almost 5 weeks now, I wish we could put into words what that team of wonderful people means to us.

The hugs, the care of our children, and the dedication the nurses and doctors have is beyond our wildest dreams. While it is incredibly hard to leave our babies, we know they are in good hands each and every minute they are being cared for.

Because of their care, we will be life-long supporters of the NICU. Our journey with Kadlec really has just begun, but we know it will be a great, positive journey.

-C. J.

My experience with Kadlec-- ……. The best doctor is Dr. Jennifer Charron; she is the best doctor that helped me with my mental illness, I am improving…she got me back on track

-T. D.

In 1957 my Mom, Blanche was working as an LPN at Kadlec Hospital. My Dad, Ed was also working at Kadlec as a Janitor. They both worked on A shift and met and began dating in the fall of 1957. They were married on January 3, 1958 at the hospital! They have been married for 56 years! 

-P. A.