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Interventional Radiology

Kadlec Clinic Interventional Radiology
1100 Goethals Drive, Suite E, 2nd Floor, Richland
(509) 942-3095

At Kadlec Clinic Interventional Radiology our board-certified physician has an extensive knowledge of minimally invasive procedures, the vascular system and internal organs. 

Health Care Services

  • Diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular conditions, cancer, pain, diabetes, as well as disorders of the liver, kidneys and other organs.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of peripheral arterial disease including angioplasty and stenting
  • Treatment of superficial venous disease, including varicose veins, with ablation (heat) and sclerotherapy (injection of a special agent to close the vein).
  • Treatment for deep venous disease including deep vein thrombosis (DVT) - or the formation of blood clots - including placement of IVC (inferior vena cava) filters to prevent life-threatening pulmonary emboli.
  • Cancer treatments including chemoembolization, tumor ablation and placement of mediports to facilitate the rapid and direct delivery of chemotherapy medications.

Patients are seen at Kadlec Clinic Interventional Radiology by referral.



Area of Care

Howard Sill, MD, PhD

Interventional Radiology