Welcome to Kadlec Family Medicine Residency

Thank you for your interest in Kadlec Family Medicine Residency, a program dedicated to quality and innovative residency training in a setting that is friendly, warm and supportive. We are located in Richland, WA., and serve a culturally and economically diverse population within the Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon region.

In addition to an extraordinary faculty, the Kadlec Family Medicine Residency provides our residents with individualized training and mentoring so they can pursue their highest aspirations as family medicine physicians. Kadlec Regional Medical Center has a long tradition of training students who go on to achieve success and become instrumental leaders in a variety of health care careers.

Kadlec was awarded “Continued Accreditation of the Sponsoring Institution” from Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). 
Also, the Family Medicine Residency was awarded “Continued Accreditation for the Family Medicine Residency Program” from ACGME. 
In both these situations we successfully progressed from initial/preliminary accreditation.

In 2015 and 2016 we were filled all 6 residency slots without a need to “S.O.A.P.” (Supplemental Offer of Acceptance to Program) or scramble to fill vacant slots. We are currently recruiting for our 3rd class and have had over 900 applicants for the 6 slots.

The selection of a residency program is one of the most critical decisions you make during your medical training. It’s our mission to educate the next generation of family medicine physicians in preparation for the ever-changing health care landscape.

We invite you to explore our Family Medicine Residency program. We offer a wonderful training experience and hope that you will consider Kadlec as the way to foster your love, passion, commitment and excitement for family medicine. Please feel free to contact us for more information.