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    The Kadlec family of employees has been a sustaining and powerful driving force behind the Foundation’s endeavors.  Thanks, in part to employees and their $640,000+ committment, construction began on the New Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in 2013 and was successfully completed and opened in 2014. 

    In addition to the NICU, employees have also donated to the Caring Co-Worker fund, pediatric programs and services, the scholarship fund in memory of Monique Williams, general health care scholarships, the Mammogram Assistance Program, and unrestricted support which allows the Foundation to utilize the funds in the area of greatest need.  Collectively, 579 employees have donated $286,768.80 to the Foundation in 2014, which has funded countless worthy grants, projects, and services.  This support has made a real difference at Kadlec Regional Medical Center for our patients, community, and region!  

    Employee support is vital to the Mission of the Foundation; thank you to each and every employee for your commitment and for belonging to the Foundation’s Philanthropic Family!  If you are interested in renewing support to the Foundation or in donating for the first time, please complete one of the forms below and return a completed copy to the Foundation by emailing foundation@kadlec.org or faxing to 942-2868.

    Employee Charitable Contribution Form


    What are the major designations to which I may donate?
    • Unrestricted gifts are greatly welcome as they help fund areas of greatest need.
    • Employees may donate to the The Caring Co-Worker Fund, which in turn is available to provide employees with assistance during a crisis situation.
    • Employees may also donate to particular departments.
    What methods can I use to make a donation?
    • You may donate via a one-time donation, donate via pledge (gifts over time until a particular amount is fulfilled).
    • You may donate via payroll deduction (26 pay periods per calendar year), cash, check, stocks, or credit.

    Employee Support 2014 Numbers at a Glance:

    • 579 employees donated to the Foundation
    • A total of $286,768.80 was raised by employees
    • Over $111,000 was directed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    • Over $35,000 was directed to the Caring Co-Worker Fund to assist fellow employees in need
    • Over $2,900 was directed to Scholarships for local students pursuing healthcare degrees
    • Over $136,000 was unrestricted, allowing the Foundation to utilize in the areas of greatest need


    For the listing of the Foundation's endeavors in 2013, click HERE