Community Outreach

Providing health care for our region is about more than healing the sick. It is also about instilling a sense of a better and healthier life for the people we serve — even if they are never admitted as patients.

Caring for our community is not only about saving lives, it is about impacting lives for good health. It’s not only about ensuring that we have the finest physicians, cutting-edge technology and expanding medical services, it’s also about creating a healthier community.

That’s why at Kadlec Regional Medical Center, we not only bring all our best to providing health care, we also bring all our best when serving our community. Through our sponsorship of important programs, our financial support of community projects, our commitment to providing care for people financially unable to pay and our development of new services, we work with many others to ensure a healthier future for everyone.

We invite you to take a look at just some of the ways Kadlec offers health and hope to this region.