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Nursing Student Portal

Welcome to Kadlec Regional Medical Center!

Contact – All Nursing Students must work through your nursing school Instructor regarding any clinical placements at Kadlec Regional Medical Center.

Identification Badge: Kadlec Regional Medical Center provides identification (ID) badges to students. You are to wear your school of nursing identification badge in front of the Kadlec badge when on campus.

About Kadlec Regional Medical Center

Personal Electronic Devices

Please do not use personal cell phones in patient care areas. Patients perceive that healthcare workers who use their cell phones are doing so for personal reasons.

Nursing Student Orientation

Online Orientation - Includes HealthStream (HLC) assignments, additional training, policy review & required documentation forms

Nursing Student Orientation & Practice Session half-day.
Date scheduled through your school - EPIC Practice Session, quiz and badging.
Bring all required paperwork to this Orientation.

Pre-Arrival Requirements - Complete all the activities listed on your Nursing Student Orientation Completion Record before your scheduled Nursing Student Orientation & Practice Session date.

Forms to Print, Complete and bring day of Orientation

Jackie - Nursing Student Orientation Completion Record: Print, complete & bring
This form serves as a check list for your orientation requirements

Heather -
WSP Identification and Criminal History form Print, complete & bring
Criminal Disclosure Statement Print, complete & return
KRMC’s Confidentiality and Conduct Agreement Print, complete & bring

Online Orientation

Your Instructor will give you a HealthStream Learning Center (HLC) student log in.

Be aware that your “online” assignments and required paperwork are likely to take several hours to complete.

Assignments – 

Nursing Student Training & Orientation

HealthStream (HLC) Assignments

(HealthStream System Requirements)

Nursing Students Basic Orientation - HealthStream

  1. Basic safety
  2. Corporate Compliance
  3. Patient Safety
  4. Falls (2 courses)

EPIC Nursing Student EPIC Training - HealthStream

Recommended you complete learning modules in this order

  1. Overview of Hyperspace
  2. Reviewing Past Visits & Labs
  3. Nurse Start of Shift
  4. Overview of Flowsheets
  5. Validating Monitor Data
  6. Overview of MAR
  7. Documenting IV Fluids and Medications

Additional Orientation & Training (if NOT completed at your school)

  1. Medication Dispensing System
  2. Alaris® Pump infusion System (3 modules)

KRMC Policies that must be reviewed before Nursing Student Orientation & Practice Session

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