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Diabetes Learning Center

Education is the first step toward managing diabetes. At Kadlec's Diabetes Learning Center, we are committed to helping clients gain a better understanding of diabetes as well as the self-management skills and confidence needed to live full and happy lives.

What to Expect

Our diabetes education team of nurses and dietitians offers training and education in the following areas:

  • Understanding the diagnosis and treatment of all types of diabetes
  • Understanding complications, prevention and treatment
  • Balancing medication, exercise and meal planning for blood glucose control
  • Home glucose monitoring and meters
  • Using oral medications and insulin effectively and safely
  • Insulin pump therapy
  • Pre-pregnancy and pregnancy counseling
  • Management of sick days to avoid diabetic ketoacidosis
  • Available community resources
  • Life-time self-management skills through ongoing education

 Nutrition counseling for children and families (overweight and underweight kids), learn skills for effective parenting around food to reduce risk for overweight and chronic disease

Diabetes education for kids with Type 1 diabetes, including insulin pumps

Food and BG Diary

Prediabetes Assessment

Resources from the National Diabetes Education Program

Hypoglycemia Assessment

Gestational Assessment

Diabetes Assessment

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