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March 2014: Additional Articles

December Hero of the Month: Nina Cavanah

Nina is a very happy, spunky, funny 3-year-old that came to Kadlec Regional Medical Center's Emergency Department with stomach pain and decrease in oral intake.

Upon arrival to the ED, Nina had an IV placed, labs drawn, a CT scan and was started on IV fluids. Through the CT scan and labs, the doctors discovered Nina had pyelonephritis.

She was admitted to the pediatric department under the care of a pediatric hospitalist. Upon arrival on the department, Nina had more labs drawn, was started on IV antibiotics and put on EKG monitoring.

The next day Nina continued to spike fevers and her labs were still off. It was decided that she would need a PICC line in order to have continued IV antibiotics. Two days after being admitted, Nina was placed under sedation for a PICC line to be placed. After spending five days in the hospital, Nina was sent home with her PICC line to continue two more weeks of antibiotics.

Many of the nurses shared that despite everything Nina went through, she still kept a smile on her face and entertained many with her singing!

That is why she has been nominated as our December 2013 Hero of the Month!