I have three young children in my family where both my wife and I are teachers. We can recognize those that care for others in a way that both my wife and I do. Two out of three of my children were born at Kadlec and one had some potential complications that the staff handled and allowed my wife and I to care for a healthy baby girl.. The staff at Kadlec were in my opinion, the best I could ask for. From the incredible nursing staff to the highly qualified doctors. There NICU made sure that my youngest daughter had the best care and advice for my wife and I. She is now a happy, healthy kindergartner. Recently my wife brought my youngest daughter, the happy healthy one, to a regional Kadlec facility, she is six by the way, with appendicitis. They diagnosed it extremely fast, ordered an ambulance and had her in surgery in no time. The health care professionals that my wife and I dealt with from ambulance drivers and on up to anesthesiologist and surgeon were not only qualified but made my six year old feel safe. If your a parent, you no how valuable that is. As for the nurses in the pediatric unit,thank you for showing your caring and knowledge enough for a couple of worried parents to get a little sleep.

Lucas T.


Kadlec and I were both born in July 1944. My parents, younger sister, and I moved to Richland in 1948. Within three years, another sister and a brother were born--at Kadlec. Since then, my parents, my siblings, my husband, and I have all had successful surgeries at Kadlec. Our three daughters were born at Kadlec, as well as several of our nephews and nieces. Three of our grandchildren were born at Kadlec. Our youngest daughter's life was saved at age 18 at Kadlec in the fall of 1998. Many of our friends have experienced miracles at Kadlec. I joined the Auxiliary in August 1999 and have served as an escort since then. I also served six years on the board and for over five years as the secretary of the Auxiliary. Kadlec is great!

Cherrie G.


I have worked as a RN at Kadlec since 1979. I have grown and changed right along with Kadlec and have had opportunities that I am glad I didn't miss in my career. But the most impact Kadlec has made are the experiences my family has had here. I had my second son born at Kadlec. I had my second grandson born at Kadlec!  We have had visits to the ED, outpatient surgeries and inpatient care. The most significant was the passing of my mother at Kadlec. My parents moved to Richland to be closer to me and my recommendations that Kadlec become their hospital of choice. Each visit my mother was treated kindly. During her last few days the staff made a significant impression on my family and myself with the respect they gave us all--privacy, 'comfort care', chaplains, acceptance of input into her care and dignity during care. My oldest son who is a physician was quite impressed that his grandma got a massage for comfort the day before she died.  Thank you.

- Debra W.


In 2003 my best friend and her son Jessie were in an accident. She died at the scene. Jessie was 20 and was taken to Kadlec . He had suffered severe head trauma a broken arm and internal injuries. He went into a coma. Kincaid and staff always made sure we understood everything they were doing to Jessie.  The staff in the ICU were so accommodating…The family had decided to hold off as long as they could for the funeral hoping he would be well enough to attend.  We waited 5 long days. He still needed to be hooked up to different monitoring equipment …that’s when the doctor came to us and said there might be something we could do. They could bring Jessie by ambulance with medical staff with him. There would be a cost though. ..That's when we found how much this hospital was more than just a place for healing it had a heart as well. We couldn’t come up with enough to cover more than an hour…That’s when something wonderful happened... The medical team that came with Jessie had donated their time, so he could be there for the whole service. It was an amazing thing they did. It showed the huge generosity, compassion, and wonderful staff this hospital has and what they will do for their patients.  11 years have passed and now I am proud to be working for this same hospital that did all that.

– Carrol G.


Kadlec has provided me a with a fulfilling career path that has allowed me to serve our patients in several different roles. My children were born here; my friends and family have been cared for here. I am proud to work for an organization staffed with caring people focused on serving the community, and providing safe, quality care.

- Shelly C.


Three generations of my family have been born at Kadlec. My father was born in 1955, I was born in 1989 and I had my son in 2013. I had a great experience when I delivered my son and I am so thankful for all the wonderful care we received. I have worked at Kadlec for the past 6 years. When I am asked, I love telling patient's and family members how three generations of my family were born at Kadlec. It always sparks up a great conversation about the hospital, community and family.

– Laura J.


I have lived in Richland off and on for most of my 57 years and I have worked for the Kadlec Health System for over 15 years. I have seen this institution grow from the old military barracks to what it has become today. I have a brother who when he was 16 months old swallowed Drano and was rushed to Kadlec where they stabilized him and sent him to Children’s in Portland. I credit the emergency room doctors in saving his life and he is alive today because of their expertise. I hope to continue working for Kadlec for many years to come and I am so grateful to be a part such a wonderful caring place.

– Valerie S.


We had planned on delivering our second baby boy at Lourdes. But labor went faster than expected, and after my water broke in the car, my husband had to make a fast detour to Kadlec. Luckily, nurses and an ER doctor were at the ready, and our sweet bundle was safely delivered in the car, in the parking lot, just outside of the ER. Our hopes for professionalism and privacy were far exceeded, and we were treated wonderfully during our stay at the hospital. We're so thankful Kadlec and its caring staff were there when we needed them!

– Molly P.


My dad was life flighted to Kadlec with a suspected massive stroke. Turned out dad had a brain aneurysm. Dad was already in a coma when I arrived at Kadlec. I drove 6 1/2 hours from south central Oregon to get to Kadlec. I asked the doctor what we could do to get dad better. The doctor showed me dad's MRI. There was no getting him better. It crushed me. All I could do was start to cry. The doctor turned me towards him, and just gave me a hug.  Even though I know there was nothing the doctor could do for dad, what he did for me spoke volumes about his care and compassion.

–Guy P.


My son was born 10 years ago 8 1/2 weeks early. He was transported from Lourdes medical center in Pasco on life support to Kadlec medical center on September 7,2004. He stayed a short few days in NICU at Kadlec, we lost him several time before they found out that he has a tumor on his liver and three holes in his heart, so dr. Hadeed sent him to Seattle children's hospital.  After spending 2 months at children's my son was sent back to NICU at Kadlec for another month. The experience was very loving and caring. Know after 10 yrs he's a very smart boy, he's little for his size but has big hearted kid that just loves life to the fullest. Thanks for your services and cares. Thanks for letting me share my story.

- Mommy Ryan P.


For starters, it gave me life! I was born in the old Kadlec hospital in August of 1959 and had 3 of my 4 brothers born there as well. Three decades later my wife and I had two of our own children born at Kadlec. In 2010 our family began a string of 13 hospital visits in a year and a half. I had two knee replacement surgeries. Both of my parents had multiple overnight stays. My wife's father and grandmother also had multiple visits in that period of time. Every time we have had a family member at Kadlec, we have always been treated with respect and dignity, especially when my father passed away in emergency in the very hospital in which I was born. We never want to be in a hospital, but if we do, we always want it to be in Kadlec.

– Rob P.


I was air lifted from Good Shepard Hospital in Hermiston,OR to Kadlec Regional Medical Center from a heart attack. I have a life thanks to the entire staff in the Cardiac care ICU and the entire staff on the 3rd floor. You not only took care of me but my entire family. We can't thank you enough. I've been given a second chance. Most companies mission statements boast of lofty goals, superior patient care and teamwork. Only to fall short time after time mainly due to lack of commitment and leadership. At Kadlec, teamwork appears to be a prerequisite for employment regardless of the role the team member plays in patient care. Well done ICU and 3rd floor staff. Just put in rooms, "Excellence in patient care through excellence in teamwork". A big thank you to all the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and dietitian, and imaging.

-Rick B


I saw this invitation on NBC this morning and I couldn't get here fast enough to be able to write and thank everyone at Kadlec for the care my twins and I got during their emergency birth nearly 17 years ago on 2-25-98. I was a first time Mom. Dr. Anderson (Pendleton) admitted me then told me we are not equipped to take care of you and the boys, we could lose you all and you need to be flown to Portland. I was terrified... I asked him why I couldn't be just transported locally, I'd heard Kadlec was a leader in the community. I was near death apparently though and didn't know it. I don't remember much past this even getting inside the doors…the Dr. telling me he would try his best to save me and the boys. The rest of the story is just as long, but Kadlec saved the 3 of us. They were 4#'s and so very healthy due to Dr. Anderson and the staff at Kadlec… We have such a strong bond my babies and me, nearly 17 years old now and I remember this whole thing like it was yesterday. I cannot even preach enough the care from Kadlec. Thanks to all, we're alive today because of them all starting w/ the paramedics.

-Tami R


I have been to Kadlec for many years. I grew up down here during the summer and I have suffered with migraines and asthma and the ER doctors are all so nice and caring and make sure you are taken care of before leaving.  Skip ahead couple a years, I moved down and I have a doctor that is in the Kadlec system and she is such a sweetheart.  If you come in with a complaint she is right there to find a way to fix the issue or refer you to another doctor in the system. I just recently had surgery and had to stay overnight. Kadlec is a lot better hospital than some I have been in. The nurses on the 2nd floor were so nice and able to answer any question that my family or I had. I am 100% better with my health and life since getting involved in the Kadlec system.

-R. D.


While excited for our first children to arrive, we had no idea how early that arrival would be. Born at 31 weeks, our twins went straight to NICU.

While we still have a ways to go, the care has been great from the start.

Our doctor, Dr. Sizemore, took excellent care of me - he came in to check on me on his days off even! He took the time to explain everything to me and my questions were always answered. He researched what we needed to know and did a great job of sharing our birth plan with all those involved. After being in the NICU for 4, almost 5 weeks now, I wish we could put into words what that team of wonderful people means to us.

The hugs, the care of our children, and the dedication the nurses and doctors have is beyond our wildest dreams. While it is incredibly hard to leave our babies, we know they are in good hands each and every minute they are being cared for.

Because of their care, we will be life-long supporters of the NICU. Our journey with Kadlec really has just begun, but we know it will be a great, positive journey.

-C. J.


My experience with Kadlec-- ……. The best doctor is Dr. Jennifer Charron; she is the best doctor that helped me with my mental illness, I am improving…she got me back on track

-T. D.


In 1957 my Mom, Blanche was working as an LPN at Kadlec Hospital. My Dad, Ed was also working at Kadlec as a Janitor. They both worked on A shift and met and began dating in the fall of 1957. They were married on January 3, 1958 at the hospital! They have been married for 56 years! 

-P. A.