Volunteer Opportunities

If you are age 15 or older, you can volunteer at Kadlec Regional Medical Center.

If you are age 15 or older, you can volunteer at Kadlec Regional Medical Center. You will go through an onboarding process, which includes an application and orientation and taking a TB test, before you begin your service.

Everyone who volunteers at Kadlec must be prepared to give at least six months and 100 hours of service. This is usually one morning, afternoon or evening once a week. Kadlec’s 500+ volunteers regularly give more than 70,000 hours annually in a variety of programs. This is equal to 33 full time employees.

Kadlec Auxiliary

This is the largest program for adults who wish to volunteer at Kadlec. Each year, more than 200 members of the Kadlec Auxiliary assist in a variety of services, ranging from clerical work to mail delivery; Outpatient Procedures to the Birth Center; staffing the Information Desk to operating the Gift Shop; and escorting patients and families around the medical center to two sewing groups, making important items for use within the medical center.

In 2016 the Auxiliary gave $260,000 to Kadlec Foundation mainly through sales in their gift shops.

Junior volunteer program

Kadlec Regional Medical Center offers opportunities for students aged 15 years and above to volunteer in the Junior Volunteer Program. You may remain a Junior Volunteer through the summer following high school graduation.

Services that Junior Volunteers take part in include Magazine Cart, Information Desks, Patient Escort both in the main facility and at the Free Standing Emergency Department, Gift Shop and on Acute Care units.

Junior Volunteers usually work one service a week for 1-3 hours.

Pet partner program

Pet visitation is a valuable service to those who are missing family, friends and pets during their stay in the hospital. Upon completion of orientation, Kadlec Regional Medical Center allows members of the Pet Partners and Love on a Leash an opportunity to bring their dogs to visit patients.

To get more information about Pet Partners or Love on a Leash, and their requirements for registration, please look at their websites, www.petpartners.org or www.loveonaleash.org

Kadlec music program

Kadlec's music program is another way to volunteer at the medical center. More than 20 musical volunteers play a Baby Grand Piano in the Main Lobby or walk the halls playing their instruments. The musicians range from age 10 to 70+. They provide music throughout the week which can be heard not only in the Lobby, but also in the Critical Care Waiting Area.

There are also opportunities to play hand held instruments on the units.

If you can play the guitar or the keyboard, and you can sing, there are opportunities to make music for Kadlec's younger patients—both impatient and outpatient— through the 'MusicRx' program. Training is through the Children's Cancer Association. Learn more about the program at www.MyMusicRx.org.

For information about any of the above programs, call Meg Fallows, Volunteer coordinator: 509-946-4611, Ext. 4666.

Cancer Resource Center

We have several volunteers who staff the Cancer Resource Center. They are trained through the American Cancer Society and use their information to help patients and their families make informed decisions about care. Volunteers in this program must be either a cancer survivor or have not lost anyone to cancer for at least a year before they start.

Other programs

We also have a number of programs that are managed through Volunteer Services, but under the direction of unit managers. This includes, but is not limited to, falls prevention, the Neurological Resource Center and Pediatrics.

For information about any of these programs, contact Meg Fallows, Volunteer Coordinator: call 509-946-4611, Ext. 4666 or send Meg an email.