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My K-Chart Proxy Access

Connect your Family Members 

My K-Chart Proxy Access is a simple way to link other member of your family to your account. You can be granted access to:

  • View your child’s account
  • Access the account of an elderly parent or other adult family member
  • Give your spouse or another person access to your account

Access rules do apply. If you are interested in this access, you will be asked to fill out a proxy consent form. Once the form is signed your care team will change your record to reflect your request.

Understanding your Child or Teen’s Record

A parent may obtain full proxy access for their child if the child is under 12 years of age. Due to privacy laws proxy access for teens, considered patients age 12 through 17 years, may be limited based on the preference of the teen. Teens and adults granting access to others must sign the form.

Getting Started - Proxy Forms

Please print and return the appropriate forms to be granted access. 

Child Proxy Form

Teen Proxy Form

Adult Proxy Form 

Forms may be returned to the following locations:

  • The Kadlec Clinic where you receive care
  • The Kadlec Health Information Office located at the main Medical Center Campus
  • By mail:
                        Kadlec Regional Medical Center
                        Attn: Health Information Management
                        800 Swift Blvd.
                        Richland, WA 99352

Canceling Access

Remember, you may cancel proxy access at any time, as can others who have granted you access. To cancel access, please visit your Kadlec Clinic to make your request in person.