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Understanding Fertility Treatment

Plastic surgery patient receives a free consultation. At Kadlec Fertility Center, we are available to answer your questions and review specific fertility procedures.

To get started, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about fertility services offered at our center. Remember that your doctor is best able to answer questions and elaborate based on your needs. Call to schedule an appointment today: (509) 942-3297.

+ How soon can I get in to see a fertility specialist?

The Kadlec Clinic Fertility Center is open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Appointments are scheduled based on provider availability.  To schedule, please call (509) 942-3297.

+ Does Kadlec Fertility Center collaborate with other fertility experts?

Yes. Dr. Gerard Letterie of Seattle Reproductive Medicine has clinic hours in the Kadlec Fertility Center twice per month. During his clinic days he offers consultation services to both women seeking pregnancy as well as the Fertility Center team.

+ What if I have religious beliefs related to fertility treatment?

Our providers work with patients from all backgrounds with many different religious affiliations. They are happy to discuss your particular needs and will help you develop a plan that is sensitive to your beliefs.

+ Does insurance cover the cost of fertility treatments?

Each patient's situation is unique.  Some have insurance coverage that includes fertility treatment, for others fertility care is an out-of-pocket expense. Our staff is happy to meet with you to discuss your particular plan and the costs associated so you can financially plan for your treatment.

+ What are the limitations of the services offered at Kadlec Clinic Fertility Center?

Our providers offer consultation, lab services and procedures up to the point of egg retrieval.