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Patient Testimonials


This was my first major surgery. The doctor showed me what he was going to do during the surgery and what it should look like. He was very informative and gave me options. As a result, it’s been pretty good. The doctors also seem like pretty good guys and they’re very knowledgeable. I could relate to them and absolutely trust them.



Dr. Bales

The doctors are good with kids, they’ve been great with my son. They have been very fun and friendly and I’ve enjoyed that the appointments are always quick and easy. - Adrian's mom



Dr. Bales, Hand Surgery

I'm extremely satisfied. I could never ask for a better surgeon. Dr. Bales cares about the patient. I had many questions when I was going through my surgery. He answered my questions, then frequently checked up with me to see how I was progressing. I could tell that he understands what is going on with the patients and makes sure they understand the information that they are given.



These doctors, they’re awesome. They got me in right away. The surgery went well. They are very professional and I love their office. They just have a great personality about them. They’re super nice, smile a lot, and are just friendly. I also felt like I could trust them. They’ve always been upfront with me and made me feel like I’m right at home.


Dr. Bales

They were completely awesome, and did a really good job. They were fast and everybody was super nice. Dr. Bales would listen to me. He laughs and talks with you. It’s not just totally business. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.



Dr. Miller

I would definitely recommend them. The surgery was good for me—it was a good experience. After surgery I started doing better. The surgeons helped me feel good. I could trust the doctor, and he made me feel confident that everything was going to be fine.



Dr. Bales, Hand Surgery

The most important thing that I have found here is the respect the doctors have for their patients. They care, and are very helpful. As someone who is deaf, sometimes communication can be hard, but the doctors and nurses here have been very good at communicating clearly. The service has been awesome.



Dr. Miller

I had a great experience with Dr. Miller. Surgery went well. He was professional and straightforward about what it was going to be like and what to expect afterwards. He's also been very supportive as far as physical therapy and post-op care. He's been good at making sure I can get back out and enjoy my life. I could tell by the types of questions he was asking and the things that he was checking that he is genuinely interested and genuinely cares about making sure that my shoulder gets better.



Dr. Miller, Knee Surgery

It’s been great coming here. This is my second knee surgery and I have worked with two different doctors here. Both have been really good. They talk to you and they seem very knowledgeable, which is really nice. Plus I have a baby and kids, and they’ve been very patient and welcoming. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.



Dr. Gibbons

Because Dr. Gibbons did such a great job, I don’t think that I’ll ever need another surgery. And I think it’s better then it would have been if another surgeon had performed the surgery. After talking with his PA, I am way beyond the normal range of motion and strength. I really think that it is due to the quality of his work. I think he did a really fantastic job.



Dr. Wahl

The experience has been good. Dr. Wahl was upfront about everything. I like people to be that way with me, so there is no guesswork. I was in a lot of pain before the surgery, and now I’m not. So what he did fixed it. There weren’t a lot of complications. I think the whole experience went a lot better than it could have because I was with Dr. Wahl.



Dr. Jacobs, Ankle Surgery

I hurt my ankle playing basketball and I was able to call here and get in with Dr. Jacobs the same day. I was really impressed. I got the care I needed and was able to go home and not sit and wait in pain. It was great knowing that they actually cared about me and whether I got better. I got the best care and they were concerned with making me feel happy. It is a great environment here.



Dr. Miller

The doctors are professional and courteous. They clearly explained my injury and laid out my options. There was no pressure to decide on my course of treatment. I also know that I can come back any time and address my issue.



Dr. Miller, Knee Surgery

Everything with the surgery went well. Dr. Miller was outgoing and really nice. Now I’m done. Everything’s healed, and I’m good to go. Dr. Miller was straightforward. He told me what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. Then he did exactly what he said. I could totally trust him. Oh, and it also helped that he’s worked for the Rams.



Dr. Miller, Elbow Surgery

It got to where I couldn’t lift my arm when I decided to do something about it. Well I was 80 years old and I thought well it’s kind of too late to have surgery, but I did, and I think it worked out really well. Dr. Miller was personable and just a nice guy. He cares. He knows what he’s doing and he takes time with you. He’s the best!