Ancillary Resources

Welcome to Kadlec Regional Medical Center.

We look forward to having you as a contracted resource in our facility. Read about the History of Kadlec.

Online Education

  1. Print Ancillary Resources Orientation Completion Record (complete & bring to Orientation at Kadlec).
  2. Review
  3. Complete Online Assignments:
    • Safety and Compliance modules on RepTrax
      • PHS: Compliance and Security (two courses)
      • Kadlec Basic Safety
      • Kadlec Patient Safety
      • Upload Flu Shot compliance on RepTrax
      • Upload Credentials on RepTrax
    • Medication Dispensing Online Training
    • Additional Information
      • In the event of an injury or exposure, check in through the Emergency Department and contact your supervisor. Fill out a Non-Employee Injury/Incident Report and contact your supervisor.

Live Education:

  1. Orientation at Kadlec
    • Your supervisor will provide the date, time and location of the Orientation.
    • You may park in the parking garage on the day of Orientation but are expected to follow the employee parking policy thereafter. On the day of Orientation, please submit the Vehicle Registration Form to the Kadlec Security Office to receive a parking permit.
  2. Epic Training
    • Complete Epic RN 100 course with live trainer and demonstrate competency with the electronic medical record (EMR).

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