Frequently Asked Questionss

What do I do if I am injured on the job?

Once you are stable, report your injury to your supervisor and to Sedgwick via the HR Portal ( › Sedgwick Leaves and Work Injuries or call Caregiver Health Services at ext. 4179. If this is a blood or body fluid exposure, get a red folder from your department's HURT box and follow the instructions within. Caregiver Health Services will follow up with you regarding your exposure on the next business day.

If I need to be fitted for my PAPR/Mask, where do I go?

You will need to fill out the PAPR/Mask Fit Questionnaire and return it to Employee Occupational Health by fax 509-942-2161 or inner-office mail. Once the form has been evaluated by a provider, Employee Occupational Health will call you to schedule an appointment

What happens if I choose to not receive the flu vaccine?

Health care workers (HCW) shall provide annual documentation of influenza immunization to the hospital or, if they are not vaccinated, will wear a yellow mask while unvaccinated for influenza.