Instructor Resources

Student nurse to RN communication

This form is to be used by nursing students to facilitate communication with staff nurses.

Instructor onboarding

Instructor requirements for student pre-arrival

Assigned unit introduction & tour

  • Instructor: Introduce self to Unit Manager / Clinical Educator
  • Instructor or Preceptor: Have nursing students register their fingerprint for Medication Dispensing System on unit
  • Instructor or Preceptor: Have returning nursing students check logins to network, EPIC, and Pyxis, and check badge access. Contact Rachel Wabeke for student login/access issues.
  • Instructor or Preceptor: Review Code Cart
    • Identify location of Code Cart and emergency equipment
  • Instructor or Preceptor: Review First Responder role with nursing students
    • How to initiate a Code: dial 4444 or push emergency button