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Welcome to Kadlec Regional Medical Center

We look forward to having you as a student in our facility! Read about the History of Kadlec.

Nursing student placement

All nursing students must work through your school’s nursing Instructor regarding clinical placement or observation at Kadlec Regional Medical Center. As part of your placement process you will be required to submit documentation. Any incomplete paperwork will not be accepted.

For students looking to do research or capstone projects, follow the steps listed in the "Research" section once your nursing instructor has approved your request.

Have questions?

For further assistance, please visit the Contacts page. 

New instructors, visit the Instructor Resources page.

Kadlec nursing student orientation consists of two parts:

  1. Online education to be completed prior to your Orientation date. This will take several hours to complete and works best when using Internet Explorer on a PC.
  2. Orientation at Kadlec (888 Swift Blvd. Richland, WA 99352) which will be arranged between your school’s nursing Instructor and Kadlec.

Online Education

  1. Onboarding Documentation:
  2. Review:
  3. Claim your account once you have received an email from Academic Services. Follow these instructions to claim the account. If you have any trouble claiming your account call IS Service Desk at 844-922-7548. Claim your account no more than 10 days prior to your start date.
  4. Complete Online Assignments through the following links.
  5. Orientation at Kadlec
    • Your instructor will provide the date, time and location of the Orientation. (See the parking map.)
    • Nursing Student Orientation Completion Record
    • Wear your school-approved scrubs, including student badge, to your Orientation at Kadlec.

To be completed annually, once per academic year: (Please submit any updated paperwork to

  1. Complete online Healthstream assignments. You will be notified if any additional assignments are added during the academic year. [System Requirements]
  2. Review
  3. Send the following forms to Academic Services:
  4. Check your badge, network, EPIC and Pyxis access. Your Instructor will arrange a time for this and will notify the appropriate personnel if there are any issues with access, or you need a new badge.
  5. Complete and return an updated Clinical Passport
  1. Submit project packet to Kadlec Academic Services at
  2. Kadlec Academic Services will process your Facility Approval Form then submit necessary documents on your behalf to the Providence IRB
  3. Once a determination has been made, you may start your project, or continue to follow the steps provided by the Providence IRB