Student, Faculty and Guest Portal

Welcome to Kadlec Regional Medical Center. We look forward to having you as a student, faculty or guest in our facility. Read about the History of Kadlec.

Request Clinical Placement 

All requests for clinical placements must be made in writing to the Academic Services Department at Kadlec. Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee placement.

Please submit the following information to the Kadlec Academic Services via email, or fax to 509-942-2819:

  • Number of students and desired type of placement (i.e. Respiratory Therapy, Lab, Medical Assistant)
  • Number of hours for experience
  • Desired start and end date of experience
  • School and email contact responsible for student placement
  • Students' full names (if known) and emails

For more information, refer to the Student Clinical Experience or Clinical Experiences for Licensed Professionals policies.

Clinical Placement Responsibilities 

Proceed with documentation only after your request has been approved.

  1. Ensure current affiliation agreement and certificate of insurance (COI) are on file.

  2. Complete the shaded areas on the New Access Request form for students or instructors and e-mail to Kadlec Academic Services six weeks prior to Orientation or first clinical date. If your school or facility is unable to request this information, the student will be responsible for providing it to Kadlec Academic Services. For questions regarding policy change, read the Policy Letter for Access Requirements.

    For returning students or instructors, complete the shaded areas on the Continuing Access Request form.

  3. Verify completion of student's Kadlec Passport and sign it. If your school or facility does not have access to student records, the student will be responsible for providing all records to Kadlec Academic Services for review and verification. Email documents to Kadlec Academic Services one week prior to Orientation or first clinical date.

    National background checks will include: OIG, GSA and Washington State Patrol (WATCH). You must notify Kadlec if a "hit" is discovered.

  4. Submit student schedule and rotations
  1. Onboarding Documentation (to be submitted via email, fax, or in-person to Kadlec Academic Services. Forms must be received no later than one week prior to clinical start date):
  2. Online Education (to be completed prior to your Orientation date):
  3. Orientation at Kadlec: will be arranged by Kadlec Academic Services to be held on or before clinical start date. Placements in the OR will require an additional orientation with OR staff. (See resources for parking map.)
    • Wear your school-approved scrubs, uniform, or business casual attire as well as your student or facility badge to your Orientation at Kadlec. You will receive a Kadlec ID badge at this time.
  1. Complete Online Safety and Compliance Assignments. You will be notified if any additional assignments are added during your clinical rotation.
  2. Review
  3. Complete and submit the following forms via email, fax or in-person to Kadlec Academic Services.

**For placements in the Operating Room, OR Orientation must have been completed within the last two years.