Approved Operating Room Placements

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For more information, refer to the Student Clinical ExperienceClinical Experiences for Licensed Professionals, or Job Shadow Experiences policies.

New Job Shadows and Other Guests ONLY (See separate section below for returning job shadows or guests)

  1. Onboarding Documentation (to be submitted via email, fax, or in-person to Rachel Wabake prior to your rotation):
    • Kadlec Passport: To be verified by your facility. In the event your department is unable to verify your records, submit passport and related documents to Kadlec Academic Services for verification. Please allow yourself time to complete this as some items may take one week or more.

All Students or Guests

  1. Review Operating Room Policies:
    Job Shadow Observation Only: Students or Anyone Scrubbing In:
  2. PACU Policies:
    Anyone rotating through Pre- and Post-Op
  3. Operating Room Orientation: will be arranged by Kadlec Academic Services and is scheduled on Tuesdays at 7:30 a.m. (See resources for parking map)
    • OR orientation may be held on the same day as your general orientation, but it must be arranged in advance.
    • OR Orientation must be completed once every two years.

Returning Job Shadows or Guests (To be completed annually, once per academic year)

  1. Review
    • Operating Room Policies (listed above)
  2. Complete and submit the following form via email, fax or in-person to Rachel Wabeke:
    • Kadlec Passport: Academic Services will inform you of the vaccinations needing to be updated and the documentation required.

**For Placements in the Operating Room, OR Orientation must have been completed within the last two years.

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