Patient Care at Kadlec Family Medicine Residency

Expert Primary Care For The Whole Family

Family Medicine by Resident Physicians

Welcome to Kadlec Family Medicine Residency, specializing in caring for the whole family from newborns to seniors. Our clinic is staffed by the best and the brightest family care medical residents who are supervised by attending physicians with decades of experience. Every patient is followed by both a resident and an attending physician, giving you twice the level of care in one visit. Together, their focus is to care for the whole person offering diagnostic, treatment and preventive services.

What is a Residency?

After medical school, doctors who want to specialize in Family Medicine must complete a three-year residency program. Resident doctors at Kadlec Family Medicine Residency work hand-in-hand with experienced family medicine physicians and other physician mentors, to provide quality health care to patients in both the clinic and hospital settings.

Kadlec Family Medicine Residency is accepting new patients of all ages and encourages you to establish care with the whole family. We accept most forms of insurance and have both urgent and well-check appointments available.

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940 Northgate Dr.
Richland, WA 99352

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(509) 942-2516

Monday – Friday
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About Kadlec Family Medicine Residency:

  • Residents are doctors (not students) undergoing additional training to become board certified in Family Medicine (learn more about student rotations)
  • Residents will see their patients at Kadlec Family Medicine Residency with clinical rotations at Kadlec Regional Medical Center and other community locations
  • At the end of their three year term, residents can choose to stay in the community offering the patient ongoing care
  • Six new residents per year to a maximum of 18 residents in the program by year three
  • Member of the University of Washington Family Medicine Residency Network, which is consistently rated the highest in quality Family Medicine Training in the nation
  • Accredited by Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education