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    Buzz Vickery’s NICU Support

          Congratulations and Thank You to Buzz Vickery who completed his quest of completing a significant cycling challenge and raising money for the expansion of the NICU at the same time.  On Saturday, January 4, Buzz hopped on a stationary bike, and completed a Sufferlandrian Knighthood challenge, which took 11 1/2 hours.  Buzz is one of a handful of riders from around the world to finish this endurance event. 

          The reason Buzz turned the event into a fund raiser for the NICU expansion is personal.  In 2011, his son, Jack, was born 13-weeks premature.  The baby spent 54 days in the NICU at Kadlec. 

          "His heart stopped beating," said Buzz.  "He stopped breathing more times than I could count.  But thanks to the great medical team, he made amazing strides and is a healthy 2 year old today.  This is my way to repay that debt."

          In addition to the support he received for his biking, Buzz created a silent auction that raised additional funds.  Initially, Buzz set a goal to raise $1,000.  "The response has been so good that I have had to raise the goal," he said. 

          To date, he has collected over $3,500 for the NICU expansion.  Thank you Buzz for your support!  There is still time to participate in this fundraising effort.  For more information, visit Buzz's page here.