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    Holiday party for outpatient pediatrics

    Kadlec pediatric patients with cancer and other chronic illness spend a good portion of their time in and out of the hospital getting pokes, treatments and other procedures. In an effort to let these kids just be kids for an evening, Kadlec’s Don & Lori Watts Pediatric Center hosted a holiday party at the Gesa Carousel of Dreams on Jan. 9, 2017.

    The hope was that these inspirational children could have an evening focused on having fun, rather than on their illnesses or hospital experiences, and enjoy some time with other Kadlec pediatric patients and their families. Since many of these children are immunocompromised, they are limited to which public spaces they can visit. The Gesa Carousel of Dreams worked with Kadlec to create a safe environment outside the hospital walls where these kids could enjoy an evening of celebration.

    Thanks to a grant provided by donor donations through Kadlec Foundation and coordination from Kadlec’s Child Life Specialist Jenny Jones, kids enjoyed the banquet room, food, drinks, games, prizes, face painting, crafts, activities, a photo booth and guest appearances from Disney character Moana. They also received unlimited rides on the Carousel.