"Because they believed in me."

Kadlec Foundation scholarships supported Tri-Cities nurse practitioner Brian Lloyd throughout his six years of schooling—more than just financially.


Brian Lloyd had always been interested in the field of medicine and that interest lead him to Columbia Basin College to earn a two-year associate degree in Applied Science in Nursing.

While going to school full time, he continued to work full time in retail. His wife had also just given birth to twin girls. One thing that made it more manageable that first year was support for schooling from a Kadlec Foundation scholarship.

"Because of the scholarship, I did not have to work tons and tons of overtime to be able to afford to pay for college," said Lloyd. "I could concentrate on school and family. It made a huge difference for us."

The next year, Lloyd again applied for a scholarship, but did not assume he would get it again.

"I figured that they would tell me that I had it one year and that the scholarships would need to go to someone else," he said. "When I got it again, I was really surprised."

After earning his degree, he was soon working at Kadlec Regional Medical Center and has spent the last eight years in the Emergency Department.

"You receive both financial and emotional support from the Foundation. This sets it apart."

But his schooling did not stop there. He went on to get both his bachelor's degree and recently his masters in nursing from Washington State University Tri-Cities. He will soon start work as an orthopedic nurse practitioner.

Throughout the six years of education, Lloyd received support from Foundation scholarships.

"I received other scholarships, and while I appreciated them, it was the Foundation scholarships that really stand out to me," he said. "They are very personal. You receive both financial and emotional support from the Foundation. This sets it apart."

Lloyd had the opportunity to attend a dinner hosted by the Foundation, honoring donors. "That dinner really opened my eyes," he said. "I had no idea that there were so many people in this community who support and care about health care students. That encouragement helped keep me going.

"I discovered that people are not only willing to support your dreams, but also believed in you enough to help you financially through scholarships. You feel as if you owe it to them to do your very best in school, and now in your profession, because they believed in and supported you."

Lloyd is one of hundreds of students studying in health care fields who have received the support of Kadlec Foundation scholarships.

The proceeds from the annual Foundation Golf Tournament go to support the scholarship program.