Healthy Ages

Meeting the health care needs of our community is about more than caring for the sick and injured. It’s about preventive care strategies and impacting lives for good health.

For more than 30 years, Kadlec Healthy Ages has been providing FREE health care programs and services for our over age 50 population. The program, part of the Kadlec Community Health department, is funded through Kadlec Foundation and focused on the unique needs of our over age 50 community members.

Program members receive:

  • Program Specialists. Specially-trained personnel to help you find community resources and services.
  • Monthly Wellness Programs. Each month members are invited to a special program where a local health care professional will be the guest speaker on health-related topics.
  • Medicare Information and Advocacy. A two-hour informational class is held each month designed to help members understand Medicare benefits and how Medi-gap plans, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Part D Prescription Plans and Retiree plans work with Medicare.
  • Mall Walkers. This walking program encourages members to exercise and socialize. Walkers meet at Columbia Center and our program specialist keeps track of walked miles.
  • Newsletters. The Community Health Newsletter mails quarterly and is designed to keep members updated on current and future services, events and programs.
  • Vial of Life. Healthy Ages is a proud sponsor of the free Vial of Life containers supplied to the community. The Vial of Life is a container that holds a document with personal, critical medical information. A magnet is supplied with the container that is placed on the refrigerator door. In the event of an emergency, this magnet informs EMS of health information in the vial in your refrigerator or freezer.