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    Giving through K-LIFE

    When 86-year-old Rose Anne O’Brien contributed to K-LIFE, she didn’t know she was the first person to give a cash donation to the new program.

    Financially supporting community efforts was not something new to Rose Anne.  “I have always supported a lot of activities and groups including Special Olympics, ARC and Kadlec Foundation,” said Rose Anne.

    Recently, while at the hospital, she picked up a flyer explaining K-LIFE and became interested in the program.

    “I loved the idea that I would get some kind of tax deduction for my gift,” she said, “so I called Mr. (Glenn) Welch.  My one question was whether it was only available for people up to age 75.  I am 86.  He told me the age groups don’t stop at 75, so I was interested in learning more.”

    Welch met with Rose Anne and explained K-LIFE to her.

    “It was just what I was looking for right now.  It benefits the hospital and I get a tax deduction as well,” she said. 

    When she gave her gift through K-LIFE in late April, hers was the first cash donation into the newly established program. “Kadlec has always been my hospital, and I wanted to help.  The people there are really good, and I feel good about supporting Kadlec,” Rose Anne said.