Mammogram Assistance Program

The gift of early diagnosis

The statistics are hard to ignore. One in eight women will get breast cancer in her lifetime. In our region, breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer. Finding this cancer early can make a lifesaving difference.

A mammogram is one of the first lines of defense in identifying breast cancer, and Kadlec offers state-of-the-art 3-D mammography. Yet, nearly one in four women ages 50 to 74 say they are missing recommended mammograms. In addition, uninsured women are 17 times more likely to not get this important screening than insured women.

Kadlec Foundation has worked through the years to help the uninsured and underserved women in our region by providing financial assistance for mammograms. The number of mammograms provided through this program grows each year, and there continues to be an increasing need.

Women without insurance or who are not able to afford a mammogram may qualify for the Kadlec Foundation Mammogram Assistance Program. Find out if you qualify when scheduling your appointment at Kadlec's Outpatient Imaging Center: 509-942-2655.