Stepping Forward to Help


When Ted Samsell, MD, retired from over 30 years of work as an orthopedic surgeon at Northwest Orthopedic Associates, he knew he wanted to continue using his time, energy and resources to make a difference.

“I began to realize that there are needs within our community and that the medical community should step forward to help,” he said. “It’s important that we become spokesmen about the needs specifically within the health care delivery system.”

"The health care needs within the community are only going to grow, and we need to continue to grow a culture of giving."

Key to following through on this commitment has been his involvement with Kadlec Foundation, starting with support of the Foundation’s efforts to create a pediatric center at the hospital. He was soon serving as a Foundation Trustee and has played an instrumental role in the ongoing campaign to fund the expansion of Kadlec’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

With the leadership of Dr. Samsell and other community health care professionals, nearly $1 million has been raised toward the NICU project.

“We (the medical professionals) needed to send a message to the rest of the community that this is an important project and help create a culture of generosity,” he said. “The health care needs within the community are only going to grow, and we need to continue to grow a culture of giving.”

One of the ways Dr. Samsell and his wife, Melody, have demonstrated their commitment is by being the first donors of marketable securities to the new K-LIFE fund.

“K-LIFE is a planned giving tool that benefits both the hospital and the person who gives the gift,” Dr. Samsell said. “Through the years, our securities have appreciated in value. If we were to cash them in, we would be paying a significant capital gains tax. By transferring that security directly to a charity, like K-LIFE, we avoid that tax and the charity receives the benefit of the full amount, not the amount reduced by taxes if we cashed them in ourselves.

“Additionally, the hospital benefits immediately,” he said. “In contrast, many planned gifts are not realized until the person passes away.”

According to Dr. Samsell, participating in K-LIFE by giving securities is a way many people can donate more efficiently.  “There are people who bought stocks a long time ago and have been sitting on them. They may not realize that there will be a heavy tax. K-LIFE is a great way to get a tax benefit and feel good about directly making a difference in our community.”