Support Care Services

The gift of support for the whole person

Our community has a rich philanthropic history. We not only want to ensure that we have a high level of care available within our region, but also that we are able to provide emotional, physical and other support for patients. Many of these resources, designed to care for the whole patient, would not be possible without our donors.

Good Samaritan fund

Every patient we care for faces a unique set of needs and challenges. Many patients are hospitalized suddenly with no time to prepare. Frequently, families must stay away from home to be at the bedside of their loved one. And very often, a health care crisis creates additional financial stress, particularly for families who may already have limited resources. Kadlec Foundation's Good Samaritan Fund helps families with indirect costs related to hospitalization—such as travel, lodging, meals, phone cards and gas. This assistance can help relieve a significant burden for many families.

Bereavement services

Comfort and compassion are cornerstones of care at Kadlec. Often, these are needed most when families grieve. Children, especially young children, can have a difficult time understanding the death of a loved one.

One of Kadlec's bereavement programs is coordinated by Kadlec's child life specialist who helps children through the grief process. With Foundation support, she is able to purchase memory-making supplies, books to send home with families and more.