Genetic Counseling Services

Kadlec Regional Medical Center's comprehensive genetic counseling services include preconception, prenatal, pediatric and adult genetic counseling. Some common indications for referral include:

  • Counseling for adult onset conditions, such as hereditary cancer, hemochromatosis, hereditary thrombophilia and Huntington disease
  • Individuals with a family history of a developmental delay, birth defects or known genetic conditions
  • Infants or children suspected of having developmental delay, a birth defect or genetic condition
  • Pregnant women who have concerns arising from abnormal test results (such as ultrasound and blood screening).

Our Services

  • Our Little Lambs

    Our Little Lambs is a program offering grief support for those who have lost a baby during any stage of pregnancy or infancy. Our bereavement team consists of nurses, OB technicians, chaplains, physicians, social workers and community support staff.

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