Kadlec Senior Clinic - Richland

Patients 65 years and older have unique medical needs, and the staff at our Senior Clinic not only recognizes those needs, but is focused on proactively protecting and preserving quality of life for our region’s older patients. Just as pediatricians specialize in the care of children, geriatricians are physicians who specialize in the care of older adults. Our physicians have two additional years of training in geriatrics.

Our Senior Clinic specializes in the comprehensive, multidisciplinary geriatric assessment and treatment of older adults, and in dealing with multiple medical problems, chronic illnesses and even social issues that older patients often face. We work to optimize quality of life and functional ability for our patients.

We believe it is critical to work as a team with the patient and family as key members of that team. We also work closely with other health care professionals and organizations, including other physicians, therapists, home care agencies, pain clinics, Hospice and support groups to meet the specific needs of each of our patients.

We can provide ongoing primary care or coordinate treatment with other primary care physicians.

We are currently accepting new Medicare eligible patients 65 or older. Patients younger than 65 may qualify based on condition. Physician referral is preferred.

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Kadlec Senior Clinic - Richland

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