Highly skilled care provided by a multidisciplinary team

The specialists at Kadlec Neuroscience Center are dedicated to effective diagnosis and comprehensive treatment. Our multidisciplinary approach combines neurology, neurosurgery, physiatry and pain management and creates an important continuum of care for our patients.

Comprehensive Spine Care ›
Whether it is acute or chronic pain in the spine, the spine specialists at Kadlec NeuroscienceCenter can help you find the best treatment to give you long-term relief and live as pain-free as possible.

Epilepsy & Seizure Disorders ›
We provide ongoing treatment to control seizures, maintain safety and allow our patients to participate in sports and other normal daily activities.

Stroke Neurology ›
Stroke care at Kadlec is designed to ensure that stroke patients receive safe, timely, comprehensive care using the most advanced treatments available.

General Neurology ›
Neurologists at the Kadlec Neuroscience Center are well-known for understanding, diagnosing and treating illnesses of the brain, spine and other parts of the nervous system.

General Neurosurgery ›
Neurosurgeons at Kadlec Neuroscience Center use the very latest diagnostic and surgical equipment to treat aneurysm, perform brain-tumor surgery, and complex spine and epilepsy procedures

Interventional Pain Management ›
The specialists at Kadlec Neuroscience Center can evaluate and diagnose the causes of pain, as well as create a management plan for treatments to relieve it.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation ›
Neurological rehabilitation includes a broad spectrum of services for patients with neurological diseases and disorders, including spinal cord injury, head injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, ALS and post-polio.

Multiple Sclerosis and Neuromuscular Disease ›
We are a comprehensive care center with the expertise, resources and support you need to manage MS, whether you are newly diagnosed or living with the disease.

Screening Services ›
Kadlec Neuroscience Center uses advanced screening tools to determine the cause of a condition as well as develop a treatment plan.

Trauma of the Brain & Spine ›
Our program offers a comprehensive range of services, from diagnostic testing and innovative treatments to rehabilitation and follow-up support. 

Tumors of the Brain, Spine & Peripheral Nerves ›
We treat brain and spinal cord tumor and we specialize in treating patients with brain cancer.


  • These are regenerative injections for the treatment of back/joint pain
  • Low cost, non-invasive, and do not require recovery time – making it an attractive alternative to surgery 
  • Allows for a larger treatment care and no blood draw; PRP involves a blood draw
  • Popular for sports injuries and has garnered some buzz in recent years

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