Foundation Grant in Support of ER


When a patient arrives at Kadlec’s Emergency Department with a suspected stroke, time is critical. One key medication given to patients who have experienced an ischemic stroke is called tPA (tissue plasminogen activator) and is a ‘clot-busting’ medication. The dose of this drug is based upon the patient’s weight. For a patient who has had a stroke, standing on a scale can be challenging.

Thanks to a $6,000 grant from Kadlec Foundation, Kadlec’s Emergency Department will soon have a custom-ordered stretcher, which can accurately weigh a person between 50 and 450 pounds.

“Every patient suspected of having a stroke has to have a CT scan,” said Beki Hammons, RN, BSN, CEN, Kadlec’s trauma and stroke coordinator. “By having a patient taken to the scan on this stretcher, we can also get an accurate weight at the same time.  This will really help these patients.”

While use of the stretcher is primarily for stroke, it can be used for patients in other situations, as well.