Mia's Gift


Mia visiting the Don & Lori Watts Pediatric Center

For many children, a birthday party is a time of getting lots of presents. For eight-year-old Mia Valcarcel of Richland, she has learned that it can be a time to give instead. For the past three years, rather than asking the guests at her birthday party to bring her a gift, she has asked them to bring a small donation for a charity. This year, after learning about Kadlec’s campaign to expand its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, she selected the campaign as the recipient of this year’s donation.

“When she turned 5, she said she was looking forward to all the gifts she was going to get,” said her mother Christine Da Corsi. She decided it was an opportunity to teach Mia about the value of giving, rather than getting. It’s grown to become an annual part of her birthday.

When Mia recently brought this year’s donation to Kadlec, she got a tour of the Pediatric Center. She couldn’t get too close to the NICU because it is currently under construction. “Mia was very happy. She could see that the money she was giving was going to help other kids,” said Christine. “After we left Kadlec, she smiled for quite a while.”

Thank you, Mia. Your donation is making a difference for kids.