Superheroes visit the Kadlec pediatric unit - courtesy of NBC Right Now


RICHLAND, WA - A local company is thinking outside of the box when it comes to putting a smile on young patients' faces at Kadlec Regional Medical Center. Reporter Jaclyn Selesky was there to see the crowd's mixed reactions.

The 5th floor at Kadlec Regional Medical Center had a bit of a different vibe today. That's because Spider-Man was repelling down the side of the building, and the rest of the superhero gang was hanging out inside with the kids in the pediatric unit. Sparking Clean Windows has teamed up with Kadlec for a few years now, just trying to make these young patients' days.

"It's just great to see the smile on the kids' faces," said Jason Klovansky, owner of Sparking Clean Windows. "Just making a difference in the way that we can and the staff loves it, it's just a good way to brighten everyone's day."

One parent took his daughter Samantha in for an emergency appendectomy, and he says this positive presence today definitely helped with his nerves.

"I was stressed out. I mean I see my little girl get her first IV and the next thing you know she's telling me she's going into operation in an hour," the father said. "You know, I was just hoping everything went good and it did, but I mean, wow, when are you going to get this day? You usually have to go to an amusement park for something like this."

As for 10-year-old Samantha, she had some mixed emotions.

"I was shocked and terrified too."