Foundation Donors Allow Us to Get Care Locally

Kayley was diagnosed in June 2010 with juvenile idiopathic arthritis which affects mostly her knees, chest and ankles. Kayley has a local physician who oversees her care and her rheumatologist is at Seattle Children’s Hospital, in Seattle, Wash.

Kayley Sandbeck IlluminatorThanks to the Kadlec Foundation donor-funded Pediatric unit (Don and Lori Watts Pediatric Center), Kayley has been able to come to Kadlec for IV infusion every month for her treatments rather than constantly traveling across the state.

When asked about being able to stay in town for care, her mother, Jennifer, said, “It’s been fantastic.” Jennifer said the nurses, nurse practitioners and other Kadlec staff have been very helpful and are always excited to see Kayley. They’re prepared too. Jennifer describes Kayley as “a tough poke.” Her veins can be hard to access for her therapy, so the unit caregivers are prepared by having the PIC line nurse available to do her IV’s. Additionally, Foundation donor dollars funded a Vein Illuminator to help nurses more easily find Kayley’s veins cutting down on time, and more importantly, discomfort for her IV infusions.

Jennifer says the impact of being able to get care at Kadlec is great. She said, “I couldn’t ask for anything better.” Before, she would miss school because of the pain and inflammation with her condition and the travelling to Seattle to see the specialist. Now, the care is coordinated with the Children’s provider and the team at Kadlec so she only has to travel to Seattle twice per year.

Thank you Kadlec Foundation donors for your contribution towards pediatric services at Kadlec.