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Uniquely designed with you in mind

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Kadlec ER in Kennewick
3290 W. 19th Ave.
Kennewick, WA 99337
HWY 395 and 19th Avenue

Kadlec Urgent Care is unable to treat workplace injuries at this time.

Expanding emergency care for the community
Kadlec’s new freestanding ER is uniquely designed with you in mind. Our new approach to emergency care changes the way we provide care to you. From the moment you walk in the door, you will find personalized service and timely care that will have you quickly on the road to recovery. All of our processes are designed to bring services directly to the patient bedside; maximizing the amount of time our staff spends with patients and getting you home as quickly as possible.

Our ER Team is specially cross-trained in several areas so the patient does not have to wait for additional medical staff to assist with care. They are part of a unified care team, focused on providing responsive treatment and getting you healthy and back home.

The freestanding ER was thoughtfully designed to allow for private patient bedside care by the entire ER team. Because the facility is freestanding all equipment, lab, and imaging services are dedicated to your needs which in a hospital based ER is shared with other departments. The layout of the building provides for superior comfort, privacy and convenience of our patients and their families.

A new approach to ER care, dedicated to getting you healthy and back home, as quickly as possible.

Facts About Freestanding Emergency Rooms

Meeting demand - As the population of a community grows hospital based emergency departments become overcrowded. Congestion in Emergency Departments put additional stress on both hospital and emergency services. Freestanding ER’s help to relieve that stress while also offering faster care.

Efficient facility design model - Freestanding ER facilities are designed with the patient in mind. The layout of Freestanding facilities provide for private patient care, by bringing services to the patient bedside and provide efficient workflow for staff.

Designated services - Freestanding ER Facilities have their own equipment, lab, and imaging services that are dedicated to patient needs and do not compete with hospital resource needs. This provides quicker services with minimal wait times.

Specially trained staff - Teams providing care in Freestanding ER’s are specially trained in multiple disciplines, allowing them to provide a continuum of care to their patients. They are part of a unified care team, focused on providing responsive treatment.

From the moment you walk in the door, our personalized service and timely care will have you quickly on the road to recovery.


Q: What happens if a patient is in need of surgery, or hospitalization?

A: If a patient is in need of surgery or hospitalization, Kadlec’s new ER will transfer patients to the hospital. Ambulance fees may apply.

Q: How does Kadlec’s Freestanding ER work?

A: Kadlec’s Freestanding ER provides the same quality emergency care as Kadlec’s hospital based Emergency Department, but operations are slightly different. The facility is specially designed for our patient‘s privacy, comfort and convenience. It has its own equipment, lab and imaging services that do not have to be shared, like in a hospital-based facility. Because the staff is cross-trained in multiple disciplines they are able to work as a unified team and focus on providing responsive treatment so that treatment and wait times are drastically reduced.

Q: What is the difference between an Urgent Care and a Freestanding ER?

A: Kadlec’s Freestanding ER is open around the clock while Kadlec’s Urgent Care hours are more limited – open daily from 8 am to 8 pm.

Our Freestanding ER is staffed with board certified emergency medicine physicians and advance practice providers. At Kadlec’s Urgent Care our physicians and advance practice providers are certified in family medicine.

Our Freestanding ER is fully equipped to take care of life threatening illnesses while Urgent Care centers offer the same level of medical treatment you’d find at a primary care clinic.

Why build another ER in Kennewick?

The reason is simple, Kadlec is meeting community demand. Kadlec has offered medical services throughout the Tri-Cities in many ways, through primary and specialty care physician clinics, urgent care centers, and now this new model of emergency care. Looking at the community’s continued population growth it is apparent that the current available emergency services are not enough to meet the demand.