Planetree stands for the philosophy of care we have at Kadlec. Our goal is to make everyone’s hospital stay less stressful and more healthful. The entire patient experience is different here because we focus on creating a truly healing environment and serving each individual’s unique needs.

We recognize that patients are people, not diseases or procedures. We know how important it is to care for your human needs as well as your medical needs. When you need something a little bit extraordinary, the people at Kadlec are here for you and your family.

In June 2011, Kadlec Regional Medical Center was officially named a “Planetree Designated Patient-Centered Hospital”. We are the first hospital in the state of Washington, one of 27 in the nation, and one of only 66 Planetree designated sites worldwide to receive the designation since the program’s launch in 2007. This designation recognizes our achievements and innovations in the delivery of patient-centered care.

In 2004, Kadlec became affiliated with Planetree, an internationally recognized non-profit organization that helps facilities create patient-centered healing environments. Affiliation with Planetree requires the hospital meet extensive patient care requirements. But that wasn’t enough for Kadlec. Spurred by our commitment to achieving the highest level of care, we aimed at becoming a “Designated” Planetree hospital – the only award that recognizes excellence in patient-centeredness across the continuum of care. The designation signals to health care consumers it is a hospital where providers partner with patients and families, and where patient comfort, dignity, empowerment and well-being are prioritized with providing top-quality clinical care.

The stringent criterion includes more than 50 specific components in all areas of a patient-centered health care experience. It required a commitment at every level of the hospital from physicians to hospital employees and volunteers. It required teamwork, innovation and change. Each day we continue to look for new ways to make a difference in the lives of our patients, their families and each other.

That’s the Kadlec difference.

The Planetree Model

Planetree is a non-profit organization known for pioneering methods for personalizing, humanizing, and demystifying the health care experience. The model of care is a patient-centered, holistic approach, promoting mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical healing.

It empowers patients and families and encourages healing partnerships with caregivers. It also integrates modern medical science with supporting therapies and comforting, healing surroundings.

As a Planetree member organization, Kadlec Regional Medical Center follows the Planetree model and is held to high standards of patient-centered care.

Planetree’s Roots

Angelica Thieriot established Planetree in 1978, in Derby, Connecticut, after experiencing what she felt was cold, impersonal, and dehumanizing medical care while hospitalized. She was disheartened by the lack of personalized care at the facility, which threatened to overshadow the benefits of the hospital’s advanced technology. Angela envisioned a different type of hospital where patients could receive care in a healing atmosphere while being active participants in their own treatment and wellbeing. She began Planetree as a crusade dedicated to improving the hospital experience for patients and their families.

Planetree takes its name from the roots of modern Western medicine—the tree that Hippocrates sat under as he taught some of the earliest medical students in ancient Greece about the importance of care, compassion, and maintaining patient dignity.