Audiology Treatments

Canalith repositioning procedure

This is a fairly quick procedure that requires you to move into different positions. Your audiologist will guide you, and maneuvers can be modified if neck or back issues persist. It is normal to experience brief dizziness during this treatment.

Hearing aid consult

It is recommended that you bring a close friend or relative to this 60-minute informational appointment, where we discuss appropriate treatment for hearing loss. We also discuss your lifestyle to determine which device would be most suitable. You can select a hearing device at this time if you are ready.

Hearing aid fitting

During this 60-minute appointment, the audiologist orients you to your new hearing devices. The devices are measured using RealEar speechmapping technology to verify appropriate function on-ear. To measure sound pressure level (SPL) at the eardrum, a tiny probe tube is inserted into the ear canal and the hearing device is placed in your ear. You listen to speech stimuli at varying levels, and your audiologist may make programming adjustments to the devices. We will address all your questions and concerns. Payment is due at the fitting and you will be scheduled to return for a follow up in two weeks.

Hearing aid check

This is a 30-minute appointment during which the device is cleaned and checked. Reprogramming may be required.

Ear mold impression

This 30-minute appointment requires a clean ear canal. A soft foam piece is moved far back into the canal to prevent impression material from going too deep in the canal. The ear canal is then filled with putty material, which takes about 5 minutes to harden before it is removed.