Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

Our Bloodless Medicine and Surgery (BMSP) program provides a special service for people who do not wish to receive blood transfusions under any circumstances, whether because of conscientious objection, religious conviction or fear of the potential risk of blood transfusions. This program gives patients the alternative to receive medical treatment without the use of blood or blood products.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology and procedures including Cell Saver, a harmonic scalpel, volume expanders and synthetic erythropoietin. By utilizing these techniques and technology to expand or conserve a person's own blood, the need for a transfusion for any patient can be reduced.

The program coordinator is available and on-call to assist you and answer your questions about the care that is right for you. The coordinator is also available to help you find a physician who meets your personal needs, and will aid in arranging the hospital stay for both you and your family.

Contact Us

For additional information call our Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Coordinator:
509-942-2817 or
1-800-780-6067 (ext. 2817).