Cancer Care

Kadlec cancer care brings together the deep legacies, commitment to community, safety and quality, as well as the compassionate care found at Kadlec and the Tri-Cities Cancer Center. A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, and Kadlec is here to help ease the burden for cancer patients and their families by offering a full continuum of cancer care.

Our Approach

Kadlec takes a team approach to your care through our Centers of Excellence (COE). Our multidisciplinary team of specialists including surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, Radiologist, pathologists, genetic counselors and nurse navigators collaborate and review patient cases and make recommendations for care. This type of approach is generally only seen in large metropolitan areas or university settings. 

  • Collaboration between specialists who provide world-class treatment locally
  • Shortened time to treatment
  • Improved outcomes
  • More effective treatment plans

Integrative Oncology Services

In addition to our Centers of Excellence (COE), patients are offered a number of support and integrative oncology services including:

  • Nurse navigation
  • Naturopathic clinic
  • Oncology dietitian
  • Social workers
  • Chaplain
  • Support groups
  • Genetic counseling
  • Resource center and library
  • Cancer screenings
  • Fitness support program
  • Survivorship
  • Palliative care

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