Cardiac Catheterization

Diagnostic cardiac catheterization (also called coronary angiography or coronary arteriography) is used to assist in diagnosing complex heart conditions. Cardiac angiography involves the insertion of a tiny catheter into the artery in the groin then carefully threading the catheter up into the aorta where the coronary arteries originate. Once the catheter is in place, a dye is injected which allows the cardiologist to see the size, shape and distribution of the coronary arteries. These images are used to diagnose heart disease and to determine, among other things, whether or not surgery is indicated.

Interventional cardiac catheterization (angioplasty) utilizes the same basic principles as diagnostic catheterization and then uses advanced techniques to improve the heart's function. Proven extremely beneficial in eliminating blockages in the coronary arteries, interventional cardiology treatment procedures re-open diseased arteries that supply the heart with blood.

Interventional Cardiac Catheterization procedures available include:

  • 24 hour availability of emergency cardiac catheterization and angioplasty
  • Stent placement
  • Brachytherapy
  • Drug-eluding stents
  • Rotoblation
  • AngioJet
  • Filter Wire

The Kadlec Chest Pain Center is also PCI certified—the only accredited center in the region with the emergency ability to treat acute cardiac events using balloon angioplasty.

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