Cardiac/Neuro Care Unit


Kadlec opened the region’s first Cardiac Unit in 2009 and added neurology in 2012 to form the Cardiac/Neuro Unit.

Kadlec offers the region’s first Cardiac/Neuro Progressive Care Unit dedicated to the special care required for patients who are recovering from open heart surgery, heart attacks, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, or neurological injuries.  Patients may be admitted directly to the Cardiac/Neuro Unit or transferred from the ICU once stabilized.

The 28-bed unit allows patients, who once might have utilized intensive care beds, to now be cared for in a specialized area that focuses on their needs.  Dependent on each patient’s needs, they will receive individualized treatment by our multidisciplinary team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and wound care specialists.  This allows the ICU to opens up space for those sicker patients.  The Cardiac/Neuro Unit has the ability to manage multiple cardiac medications, perform complex neurological assessments, and handle all aspects of care from the intensive needs to the more stable patient.  This unit has a higher staff to patient ratio than the acute care and surgical floors, which gives staff time to work with the patients and their families on some of the lifestyle changes that are necessary to improve the future health of the patients.

Cardiac patients are a special patient population; they are often very sick when they arrive at the hospital. Their heart problems create a situation where they can benefit from close cardiac monitoring and a staff specifically trained in cardiac care. 

Neurological patients are a special population as well; they often require frequent specialized assessments and monitoring throughout their hospitalization. This close and focused monitoring by staff that is specifically trained offers multiple benefits to the patients.

The Cardiac/Neuro Unit is staffed by nurses who have undergone specialized training in neurological assessment; post-surgical care of cardiac, vascular, and neurosurgery patients; post pacemaker insertion care; and monitoring of patients who have had heart attacks, angioplasty, or stent placement.

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