Chaplain Services

Being hospitalized for any reason can be a time of anxiety and distress for patients and their loved ones.

Our chaplains are available to help you with your spiritual needs and to assist your family. They will also notify your pastor, priest, rabbi or spiritual advisor of your hospital stay at your request.

Chaplains offer compassionate support

Kadlec contracts with Tri-Cities Chaplaincy for chaplain services. Chaplains are trained to listen with sensitivity to the stories of individuals and families and in the process to assist with bringing clarity to the spiritual needs present. This may be the need for hope and perseverance as we make our way through an extended period of rehabilitation; or the need for self acceptance and forgiveness as we come to terms with our mortality. Whether in response to an expression of hope or fear, a chaplain can provide skilled and compassionate guidance and support.

Chaplains can help you with:

  • Contacting your faith community
  • Coping with grief and loss
  • Deepening relationship with God
  • End of life vigil
  • Exploring beliefs and values
  • Exploring spiritual questions
  • Finding meaning in suffering and identify hope, resiliency, and self-acceptance
  • Life review
  • Meditation and guided imagery
  • Memorial service planning
  • Offering a listening presence
  • Prayer
  • Sacraments, rituals and rites
  • Scripture reading and discussion
  • Spiritual music, literature and resources

A quiet place of prayer and reflection

Everyone is welcome for personal prayer, meditation or reflection at our chapel.