Clinical Decision Unit

Our Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) is part of our six-story River Pavilion. The unit consists of 23 private rooms and is designed for patients who require observation and post procedure recovery.

Unit at a glance:

  • 23 private rooms
  • Patients stay for monitoring, testing or treatment and observation
  • Specialty trained staff
  • Cardiac monitoring
  • Close proximity to the Emergency Department
  • Intensive treatment provided to help improve patient outcomes
  • Comfortable environment for post Same Day Surgery procedures
  • Families welcome

It is our innovative addition to the philosophy of comprehensive care.

The CDU offers care in a number of different situations including:

  • Emergency Department patients with specific diagnoses that require additional tests needed for a diagnosis that will either result in admission to the hospital or discharge home
  • Recovery from cardiac catheterization procedures
  • Medical and surgical observations without admission to the hospital
  • Same Day Surgery preparation and recovery

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