High Risk Breast Screening Program

Personalized care by Kadlec specialists for women at high risk of breast cancer.

Step one: formal risk assessment

You will have a detailed evaluation of your risk factors for breast cancer based on your personal and family history.

You will receive an individualized calculation of your fiveyear and lifetime breast cancer risks.

If your lifetime breast cancer risk exceeds 20 percent, you are eligible for the High Risk Breast Screening Program (HRBSP).

Step two: enrollment in the High Risk Breast Screening Program

Your electronic medical records in the Kadlec Health System are flagged to identify your enrollment in the High Risk Breast Screening Program.

Step three: creating a management plan

If your family history suggests the possibility of inherited cancer, a genetic counselor will discuss the pros and cons of comprehensive DNA testing for hereditary breast cancer.

Recommendations for breast cancer screening will include annual mammograms and breast MRIs.

Annual breast cancer screening will begin when you are 30 or 10 years prior to the youngest breast cancer diagnosis in your family.

You will have convenient access to surgical and nonsurgical medical specialists for consultation on chemoprevention and risk-reducing surgery.

Step four: patient education and support

You will learn about surveillance options, lifestyle changes, and local and national resources for breast health.

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