Joint Replacement

Get back to enjoying the things you love

At Kadlec, we recognize how challenging life can be when you live with chronic joint pain caused by arthritis, injury, overuse or other conditions.  When your ability to move becomes compromised, count on Kadlec Joint Care Center — a specialized unit offering the most comprehensive care from before surgery through rehabilitation.

Our partner surgeons are experienced at performing hip, knee and shoulder replacement. Our operating rooms are highly advanced and and our staff is dedicated to assisting you through every step of your surgery.

Many people think joint pain is an inevitable part of aging. But if you have suffered an injury or have joint pain from arthritis that interferes with walking, exercise, recreation or work, having joint replacement surgery can be life-changing.

Your total joint replacement team includes:

  • Orthopedic surgeon
  • Nursing staff
  • Physical therapists
  • Social workers
  • Pharmacists

Knee replacement

Arthritis of the knee is a common condition causing pain and impaired lifestyle for thousands of people. Fortunately, modern surgical procedures can alleviate this condition. During your total knee surgery, the orthopedic surgeon will replace the damaged knee with metal and plastic components. Knee replacement surgery can help you feel better and move better after your surgery.

Hip replacement

Your joints undergo many stresses and strains as you go about your daily activities. When your hip is injured, or a disease such as arthritis develops, the surface cartilage of your hip joint deteriorates. Without this cartilage, the bony surfaces of your joint come into contact, causing pain and difficulty walking. During your total hip replacement surgery, the orthopedic surgeon replaces the ball and socket of your hip with metal and plastic components. As you recover from the surgery, the surgery pain will subside, and your hip will gain strength.

Get back to an active lifestyle

Patients who have total hip or total knee replacements typically recover quickly. You can expect to walk day of surgery. Generally, patients are able to return to driving in 2-4 weeks, dancing in 4-6 weeks and golf in 6-12 weeks. Your total joint team is dedicated to helping you return home and get back to the activities you enjoy.

Unmatched patient support

Kadlec works with your doctor’s office to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition to care once decision has been made about your joint replacement surgery. To learn more about your journey through recovery at Kadlec, click here.

Premera designated Center of Excellence

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The Gold Standard

Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Excellence

Kadlec has received the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Excellence for hip, knee and shoulder replacement. The Gold Seal of Approval means the Joint Replacement Center at Kadlec has demonstrated its commitment to provide safe, high-quality care and treatment.

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  • 85% elective hip/knee replacements safely transition home with outpatient therapy or home health in less than 2-3 days (national average is <50% go home with a stay of > 3 days; remaining go to skilled nursing facilities or inpatient rehab)
  • Unplanned readmissions 2% in 2013 (compared to 5.4% nationally)
  • Surgery complications 2.6% (compared to 3.4% nationally)
  • 9 of 10 Joint Care patients rate our physicians, nursing, and hospital care as Excellent
  • 96% would recommend Kadlec Joint Care Center to their family and friends

Why Choose Kadlec Joint Care

  • Our driving focus is to support and empower every patient and care partner for an optimal surgery experience and recovery
  • Dedication to safety and individualized, holistic care: physical, cognitive, emotional
  • Expertise of our surgeons and care team
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork (including Patient and Care Partner input) – focus on providing highest quality care
  • Active participation in nationally recognized quality initiatives
  • Strong performance in continuous quality improvement
  • Kadlec is the only hospital in the area performing the highly advanced techniques of anterior hip replacement and total reverse shoulder. Ask your joint surgeon for more information about these procedures.