Outpatient Ostomy Clinic

Ostomy Services at Kadlec includes ostomy care, rehabilitation and support for patients and their families in an outpatient setting. Certified ostomy nurses help patients adjust to a healthy, active lifestyle after ostomy surgery.

An ostomy is a surgical procedure that creates an opening in the wall of the abdomen to discharge waste from the bowel or the bladder. Ostomies may be temporary or permanent.

For some patients, life can seem overwhelmingly different following an ostomy procedure. The Outpatient Ostomy Clinic is located at the Kadlec Healthplex and staffed by certified ostomy care nurses, trained in the care and management of an ostomy.  They are available before and after surgery to help patients and their families with education and support. The goal is to help patients adapt to life and return to normal activities as soon as possible. The ostomy team works with patients of all ages and coordinates care with patients’ physicians to provide:

  • Pre- and post-operative education
  • Assistance with Stoma Site Selection
  • Assistance with selection and procurement of supplies
  • Stoma and Skin Care Assessment related to Ostomy
  • Lifestyle support and counseling
  • Referral to other resources as needed
  • Troubleshooting Ostomy related problems
  • Formulating a plan of care


Referrals to Kadlec’s Outpatient Ostomy Clinic can be made by a physician.

Call for information regarding Kadlec’s Outpatient Ostomy Clinic:

509-946-4611, ext. 5561.