Palliative Care

Kadlec’s Advanced Illness Management Service (AIMS) started as an inpatient consultation program for patients with very serious illnesses. The palliative care service was designed to help with symptom management, end-of-life conversations, and help patients and families determine their goals and create individualized plans.

AIMS is palliative care, which is different than hospice. At some point a patient may move into hospice, but palliative care comes earlier. Palliative care provides treatment for the stress and symptoms of serious illness such as pain, breathing difficulties and nausea. The goal is to prevent and ease suffering and improve quality of life. Palliative care helps patients manage symptoms on a daily basis, improve their ability to tolerate medical treatments, and help better understand their choices for care.

Patients who can benefit from palliative care may have the following conditions:

  • Advanced heart disease (i.e. CHF)
  • Advanced pulmonary disease (i.e. COPD, Interstitial lung disease)
  • Advanced cancer
  • Advanced renal disease
  • Neurological disorders (Advanced dementia, ALS, prior stroke)
  • Other serious illnesses

In addition to dedicated physicians, AIMS provides a fulltime case manager and recently expanded to provide service for patients at Kadlec Clinic Hematology and Oncology.