Don & Lori Watts Pediatric Center


The care of sick children in the region took a big step forward with the opening in 2009 of the 25,000-square-foot Don and Lori Watts Pediatric Center.

The center offers young patients and their families more room designed specifically for their needs, surroundings that are clearly “kid-friendly” and a doubling of the number of pediatric patient rooms.

Pediatric center includes:

  • An ‘Under the Sea’ theme carried out on everything from the floors to light fixtures.
  • 20 large, private rooms. Each room has its own large bathroom with shower, access to age-appropriate online games and movies as well as sleeping accommodations for parents.
  • A family room with a kitchen, a dining area where families can sit around a table to eat a meal together and a washer and dryer. When families are here for an extended length of time, it is important to have a place where they can gather that is quite private and they can just be a family.
  • A playroom with age-appropriate activities for toddlers through school-age children.

Construction of the new pediatric center was made possibly by a fund raising effort led by Kadlec Foundation, raising more than $7 million toward the project.

Pediatric hospitalists

Children hospitalized at Kadlec Regional Medical Center receive around–the–clock care from full-time Pediatric Hospitalists. These are specially trained pediatricians who work solely in the hospital and do not have an outside practice. This allows them to focus exclusively on hospitalized children.

Partnering to make a difference

Kadlec has also formed a partnership with Seattle Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center.

Collaborating with Children’s assures that Kadlec nurses, doctors and other health care professionals have the ability to easily consult with their colleagues in Seattle. Sharing protocols and educational opportunities assures the finest, up-to-date pediatric practices are in place throughout Kadlec from the emergency department, to the nursery, to the dedicated pediatric unit and across all of the clinical therapies.

The pediatric center is equipped with special video-conference technology which facilitates daily interaction between the Kadlec pediatric hospitalists and the Seattle Children’s Hospital specialist.

Our partnership also allows to keep more kids at home by offering outpatient oncology for pediatric patients.  Specially-trained staff can administer and monitor maintenance chemotherapy so families are not traveling to Seattle for every treatment.

Child Life Specialist

From the perspective of a child, a hospital can be a scary place with unfamiliar people, strange equipment, a foreign vocabulary and often the sharp needles that accompany a hospital stay. It’s hard for children to understand most – or any – of it.

That’s where Kadlec’s certified Child Life Specialists – the first in the area – comes in.

These specialists use toys and other techniques to help a child understand the hospital experience, to use play to help work out fears and to be with a child during procedures.

Contact Us

The Don & Lori Watts Pediatrics Unit is located on the fifth floor of the River Pavilion.

For more Information: 509-942-2686.

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