Savi Scout® System

For women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer

A procedure for women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, the Savi Scout® system is a zero-radiation, wire-free solution for localization and guiding removal of tumors during lumpectomy and excisional biopsy procedures. Kadlec is the only medical institute offering this technology in the Tri-Cities.

The system works by placing a reflector into the tumor and uses safe, non-radioactive waves to detect the reflector’s location within the breast. Ultrasounds, radiographic and stereotactic guidance options provide flexibility of the procedure.

The advantages are:

  • More precise, enabling the removal of less tissue for better cosmetic results
  • Increases to probability of complete cancer removal
  • Eliminates the need for localization on the day of surgery
  • Decreases patient wait time on the date of surgery
  • Reflector will not interfere with MRI studies and is excited to offer it to women in the Columbia Basin

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